Middle East: Women's Participation in Political Life

16 Marts 2010

Women's Council in Denmark are working with NGO's in Morocco and Jordan to promote women's participation in political life. The project contributes to experience-exchange on strengthening women's political participation in society.

Despite large differences between these two worlds, concerning the political system, social, cultural and economical conditions; there is much inspiration to obtain from this partnership. The project is a dialogue-based approach within a wide spectrum of women's organizations. Furthermore, the various women's organizations are contributing to the regional initiatives on how gender equality can be promoted through empowerment of women in the political life - both in terms of the acting legislation and in practice.
Women's Council seeks to evolve a dialogue through questions as: ‘How to increase women's participation in society through political engagement? How to support women as decision-makers, and how to endow women to be involved and also how to open the opportunities for women's participation in political life?' The projects focuses on women in local politics, and submits the subject "Women in the Public Sphere." The project runs from November 2008 to October 2010.


The focus area is ‘Women's Participation in Political Life', in collaboration with the Moroccan Human Right and women's organizations LDDF, CDG, Amel and ADFM with Women's Council.

At the moment new partnerships are being established in Jordan.

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