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The Feminist Network is a Danish network for civil society organisations, that wish to guide our own working methods in a more feminist direction. We wish to inspire and be inspired by the vast amount of knowledge, experience, and practice within the many feminist traditions and movements globally.

Below you can find podcasts and videos from our work and conversations with feminist movements, activists, and practitioners.


Decolonizing Aid What is the place of global feminist solidarity

1 hour and 11 minutes

There has, in the past few years, been calls for a radical shift in how international aid and development cooperation are configured. Donors in the global North and the infrastructure surrounding them have been accused of upholding white supremacy and saviorism, mirroring past colonial relationships with decision-making power concentrated in the Global North.

The panel explores how feminist networks globally can work together to decolonize aid, while prioritizing collective care and reclaiming global sisterhood, intersectional organizing and feminist agenda setting

Catherine Wanjiru Nyambura from ATHENA
Amel Fahmy from Tadwein Gender Research Center
Mette Müller Kristensen from Global Fokus
Rejoice Namale from ATHENA

Feminist Peace An activist journey

1 hour

Defenders of feminist peace take the floor; dive into the history of feminist calls for peace and human security; point to the role of women and LGBTIQ+ groups in conflict resolution, lasting peace, and human security; while challenging concepts of militarized foreign- and security policy.

Ida Harsløf from WILPF Denmark
Seda project from Pink Armenia
Ayak Chol Deng Alak: South Sudanese Doctor, Poet, activist, and feminist
Julie Koch from ActionAid Denmark

Climate, feminism, and demilitarization – How can feminism become politics- Feministisk network (ENG)

1 hour

The feminist network hosted an event at the feminist festival Talk Town in November 2022 about how climate activists use feminist approaches in the fight for climate justice – to ensure that the green transition benefits everyone and holds the right ones accountable. WEDO – a feminist climate collective, shares experiences from their work with feminist climate activism, organizing, and WILPF will share their analysis of how demilitarization is the path to equality and climate justice.

Tara Daniel from WEDO
Katrin Geyer from Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom (WILPF)
Catherine Nyambura, ATHENA


Decolonizing Aid

The concept of “decolonizing aid” has arisen in past years, as a response to the uneven power dynamics and imbalances that exist within the humanitarian, development and peacebuilding sectors.

The Talk Town podcast has invited Catherine Wanjiru Nyambura, international development expert and Pan African feminist, to reflect on the concept and share her insights and experiences on how to break these uneven power balances and introduce new practices and efforts to decolonize aid.

Catherine Wanjiru Nyambura: is an international development expert and Pan African feminist. She has ten years’ experience in advancing feminism, gender equality, youth development, and sexual and reproductive health and rights. Catherine is currently affiliated with the ATHENA Network where she is the Director of Programs focusing on feminist activism and movement building.
Interviewed by: Emma Holten: A feminist activist and gender policy consultant.
Musik: Andreas Brink Pedersen

Produktion, klip og speak: Rikke Collin

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Feminist leadership and organisation building

Feminist Leadership is gaining ground in women’s rights organisations, NGO’s and global movements that work for transformative change. This episode of the Talk Town podcast has invited Joanna Maycock, feminist and independent consultant, to unpack the concept of feminist leadership, what it looks like, how it can be practiced, its purposes and potentials for organisations that work for social transformation.

Joanna Maycock’s consultancy practice is working to support Civil Society leadership to bring feminist principles into systems change and working with leaders to build working cultures aligned to their values. Her focus is on the feminist understanding of power and moving from coercive to transformative power. Joanna Maycock has over 25 years’ experience in leadership positions in European and international Civil Society in Brussels, such as with ActionAid and president of CONCORD. Most recently, she was Secretary General of the European Women’s Lobby.

Interviewed by Anna Villumsen international consultant in the Women’s Council Denmark

Resources mentioned in the podcast:


Music: Andreas Brink Pedersen

Production and Speak: Rikke Collin
Production and Editing: Emilie Haaber Brorsen Jensen

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Support / Credit

This collection of tools and resources is based on numerous activists’, movement’s and organization’s work and time.

We recommend that you support and credit the work behind the resources you download, by donating, or in other ways supporting groups and organizations behind the tools you use.

Bearing in mind that women’s- feminist- and LGBTIQ+ organizations are acutely underfunded globally, despite the important work they carry out.

Background / Who we are

This site was developed by a Feminist Network in Denmark, consisting of 4 civil society organizations, Oxfam IBIS Denmark, Action Aid Denmark, The Danish Family Planning Association, and the Women’s Council Denmark. 

The Feminist Network was formed to guide our own working methods in a more feminist direction. And to inspire and be inspired by the vast amount of knowledge, experience, and practice within the many feminist traditions and movements globally.

The site is an effort to share this with others. And to give visibility and credit to the producers of the many valuable resource and toolkits that are accessible online.

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