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120 Years of Struggle for Women´s Rights and Gender Equality

The Women’s Council Denmark is a non-governmental umbrella organisation (NGO) for more than 40 organisations working to promote womens rights and gender equality in Denmark and globally.

Member organisations count women rights´ organisations, as well as political parties, trade unions, gender researchers, shelters, humanitarian women’s organisations and professional women´s groups.

In Morocco and Egypt, the Council runs projects together with local partners. Read about our international work here

The Council is represented in a number of boards, committees and councils e.g. in the European Women´s Lobby and the European Economic and Social Committee (EESC).

The Women´s Council Denmark was established in 1899 as the common voice for Danish women internationally. However, gathering women from all of society the Council soon became a strong driver for Danish women´s rights and liberation and has pushed for gender equality in Denmark and globally ever since.